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PRE-ORDER a limited-edition SIGNED copy of TEX GRESHAM’s forthcoming story collection, Violent Candy, which House of Vlad Press will be publishing and shipping out in October!

NEWLY REMASTERED IN 4K! Experience these sixteen stories that explore the violence people do to themselves and others in their search for love and purpose. There’s a man whose only cure for self-hate is drinking weed killer, a woman who loses her daughter at Disneyland, an elderly man who falls in love with an ostrich, a frat boy looking to do a big bad thing, and many more. Take a bite and break your teeth on some VIOLENT CANDY.

Paperback, 220 pages

Cover design: Tex Gresham

$20 (includes shipping*)

*This item will only ship in the United States

Advanced Praise for Violent Candy:

“The characters in these sixteen stories experience isolation as intensely as anyone in Polanski’s filmography, and sorrow as interleaved with the modern world as anyone in Cronenberg’s. Twanging notes of the bizarre keep the reader’s eyebrows up, even as her heart aches. Throughout, Gresham digs relentlessly and fearlessly at a primary node of American literature: regret.”—KATHARINE COLDIRON, author of Junk Film

“Incredibly fucked. I loved it.”—TROY JAMES WEAVER, author of Marigold

“Some of these stories are the worst thing I’ve ever read (content and subject matter). Most of these stories are the best thing I’ve ever read (style and substance). Tex Gresham is monstrous(ly talented). Still uncertain if I’ll emotionally recover from reading this. Violent Candy is a must-have for the misanthropic.”—KKUURRTT, author of Good At Drugs

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