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NATURE DOCUMENTARY: Poems by Noah Cicero

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I’m not David Foster Wallace.
David Foster Wallace’s parents
were professors.
David Foster Wallace had a tiger mom
that was always up his ass.
My mother was high in the basement
on Xanax and painkillers,
watching soap operas.



Nature Documentary contains poems about dinosaurs and the Grand Canyon and God. Which is fitting, because the poems themselves are dinosaur-like, and God-like, and Grand Canyon-like, in that there is something ancient in them, primal, beautiful and a little bit twisted. I just compared Noah Cicero to God. That means you should buy this book.”—JULIET ESCORIA, author of Juliet the Maniac

Nature Documentary is a harsh reminder that humans are terrible beasts and we’re all hopelessly stuck following the rules of the animal kingdom.”—ELLE NASH, author of Animals Eat Each Other

“Cicero’s practical language couches a deep and searching spiritually...”—The Believer

“Unpretentious, highly intelligent, and infused with a deep and admirable sense of empathy, Nature Documentary will shake you awake and remind you of the small, fleeting, and incredibly precious nature of your own life.”—AMY SAUL-ZERBY, author of Deep Camouflage

“Cicero’s excellence exists in his one-two of humor and hurt.”—The Los Angeles Review of Books


124 pages // Paperback

Cover art: Danial Ryan

$4 shipping (United States) // $7 shipping (Elsewhere)

E-book available at Amazon.com


NOAH CICERO (born 1980) is an American novelist, poet, and short-story writer known for such books as The Human War, Bipolar Cowboy, Best Behavior, and Go to Work and Do Your Job. Care for Your Children. Pay Your Bills. Obey the Law. Buy Products. Harvey Pekar, late author of American Splendor , said that Cicero’s prose is “full of angry, humorous and intelligent insights,” while Daniel Handler, creator of the Lemony Snicket series, warned readers that it “punches people in the face.” He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.