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PRE-ORDER a signed copy of D.T. Robbins’s debut novel, Leasing, out September 20, 2024!

David, like every other rock-bottom soul, runs out of options and ends up working at Victoria Lawn—the raunchiest, most dysfunctional apartment complex in the suburbs of Southern California. After finding the body of a deceased resident with a similar backstory, David is forced to navigate a revolving shit-world of death and sex and violence. Will he make it out alive or will property take him like it’s taken so many others? Leasing is the hilariously are-you-fucking-kidding-me? story of one man’s struggle to protect himself and the downtrodden characters he’s forced to co-exist with from being crushed by the corporate powers that be. Find out if David, or anyone else, can survive such complete and seemingly hopeless bullshit….


Praise for Leasing:

“Wild, sharp, and hilarious, the stories in Leasing refuse to be confined by the walls they exist within—D.T. Robbins is a force to be reckoned with.”—CHELSEA HODSON, editor of Rose Books and author of Tonight I’m Someone Else

“Fast, fun, and fully grounded, Leasing is a no-nipples dive into a low-rent lifestyle. It sprints and crackles. Glistens and heaves. D.T. Robbins is a bold voice—an exhilarating raconteur.”—BRIAN ALLEN CARR, author of Bad Foundations

Leasing is a feat of hypnosis—sucking you into its world, reminding you of some of the worst moments of your life, your shittiest living conditions, people you’re happy are in your past instead of present... all while making you enjoy the experience. And every now and then, the writing breaks that spell, reaching down into something deeper, or up into the heavens, or straight off the page and right into your heart, and shows you something special that reminds you why you read.”—AARON BURCH, author of Year of the Buffalo

Leasing is a buck wild novel about the dead-end jobs we endure in our ridiculous quest to stay alive. It’s a little like The Florida Project set in Southern California, or Harry Crews writing an episode of The Office while high on acid, only the office is in hell, and the acid is actually PCP. D.T. Robbins is the patron saint of fuckups, and his sick, perverted world will make you holy.”—KEVIN MALONEY, author of The Red-Headed Pilgrim

Leasing is about the invisible forces crushing people until they collapse under their own despair. Also, a hilarious story of workplace friendships and romance. Also, one man’s tale of how (not) to vomit on opportunity. D.T. Robbins has centrifuged human misery to reveal its sweet centre.”—CHARLENE ELSBY, author of Violent Faculties

“[Leasing is] fucking funny, so moving, such an incredible ride—utter genius and hilarity from D.T. Robbins.”—LEXI KENT-MONNING, author of The Burden of Joy

“Scatological, nihilistic, and absurd… [Leasing] has the narrative velocity of a racecar with all the bolts loosened. We move quickly, but we’re not in control, not safe at all… something gross happens… something sad happens… [like] other House of Vlad titles, specifically [Jon Lindsey’s] Body High and [Tex Gresham’s] Violent Candy, but whereas those books sought to occasionally transcend the scuzz and grime, Leasing luxuriates in the squalor.”—KYLE SEIBEL, author of Hey You Assholes

“The short bursts of chaos that are the scenes in Leasing form a cohesive whole much in the same way the mind threads together flashes in a dream. Except here it’s more nightmare than dream. And the language itself is its own character. Robbins’s prose certainly isn’t spare or lacking description. It oozes from the page.”—DREW HAWKINS, producer and host of the Micro podcast

Leasing feels like a fever dream you don’t want to wake up from. D.T. Robbins has a way of draping chaos over the commonplace that almost inverts the expected use of the shocking and absurd—everything is madness and then BAM: sentimentality, beauty, sincerity.”—AUBRI KAUFMAN, co-founder/co-editor of Icebreakers Lit

“[Leasing is] hilarious, disgusting, and poignant.”—KEVIN M. KEARNEY, author of How to Keep Time

Leasing is a swimming pool in the apartment complex in the desert of indie literature. D.T. Robbins has the key.”—JON LINDSEY, co-founder of Cash 4 Gold Books and author of Body High

“Masterfully balancing the thin, frayed line separating depravity and heart, Leasing is one of the funniest novels you’ll ever read—an anti-heroic underdog story (think The Office meets The Florida Project meets Dante’s Inferno) showcasing wildly damaged people at war against an even more wildly damaged system.”—BRIAN ALAN ELLIS, author of Hobbies You Enjoy


190 pages // Paperback



D.T. ROBBINS is the founding editor of Rejection Letters and the author of Birds Aren’t Real and This Is What Happens When You Leave Me Alone. This is his first novel.