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HOT YOUNG STARS: Poems by Sophie Jennis

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RELEASE DATE: August 31, 2020



“I love Sophie Jennis’s work. It leaves you wishing so deeply that each poem was about you in some small way.”—REBEKAH MORGAN, author of Hotel Alexander

“[Hot Young Stars] is innovatively introspective, a provocative jumble of memories, opinions, and intrusive thoughts. It reads like a barrage of dos and don’ts for the modern woman written on some Whataburger napkins during a drug-fueled fugue state, and yet [Jennis’s] voice is so confident that you’ll find yourself nodding along with every bewildering pronouncement on what anything is, or should be, or isn’t.”—ZAC SMITH, author of 50 Barn Poems

“I’ve never seen The Devil Wears Prada, but when I read Hot Young Stars I kept thinking 'The genius wears Prada,' as in Sophie Jennis—unabashed, self-aware, erotic, and entirely unique. The voice that drives these poems is unearthly and insular, as if trapped in a snow globe made from candy. Perhaps Jennis is the Enya of poetry: alone in a shimmering private castle, immersed in a language of her own.”—SHY WATSON, author of Cheap Yellow

“[Hot Young Stars] reads like a how-to guide on leading a more fulfilling life—every page glows with neon lights; thoughts weave in and around each other, like someone making their way through bodies on a dance floor. Yet it also feels somber and personal, like being half-drunk and smoking cigarettes on a roof with someone you either really like or really hate. [Jennis] would be cool to hang out with—to see her scrawl something down that you could later read in one of her books and think Oh yea, I remember that night.”—CODY ROGGIO, author of Not Great / Thanks For Asking


100 pages // Paperback


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SOPHIE JENNIS is a poet from the Hudson Valley of New York. Her writing has appeared at NY Tyrant and Hobart, among other places. Her poetry chapbook, Find Peace Either Way, was published by Blush in 2019.