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BODY HIGH: A Novel by Jon Lindsey

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Squirting across the sunburned landscape of Southern California, Body High is a journey marked by misplaced lust, mistaken fathers, lost semen, and the kidnapping of a sperm bank daughter, whose untainted kidneys may hold the key to redemption or, perhaps, the realization of its impossibility.



“Jon Lindsey is a wild man. Body High is the best novel about Los Angeles I’ve ever read.”—BUD SMITH, author of Double Bird.

“To say that Jon Lindsey is fearless would be wrong because he feels the fear—he just writes the damn thing, anyway. I read [Body High] with my eyes bugging out. He shocked me. He moved me that way. He showed me where my understanding of love and human nature were lacking, but did it with such empathy for the reader that I laughed—a lot—while he did it. This book is touching and disgusting and brilliant as the noonday Los Angeles sun. Lindsey’s is an explosive debut.”—SARAH GERARD, author of True Love

“Jon Lindsey is the new gleefully heartbreaking voice of California’s broken world. The darkening caper at the core of this novel of griefs and raucous self-discoveries unfolds in rioting prose that bursts into crazed poetry around every curve. Body High is the debut of a remarkably gifted writer.”—GARIELLE LUTZ, author of Worsted

“[Body High] made me ache. It made me laugh and cry. It’s alive with sadness and regret and the most beautifully foolish hope. Jon Lindsey writes like he has nothing to lose—radiant and distinctly striking.”—LINDSAY LERMAN, author of I’m From Nowhere

“I not-so-soberly walk the line Jon Lindsey draws (and then crosses) between the many terrors and beauties of life. His debut, Body High, is no doubt the most provocative book of 2021—a debauched, high-speed come-down into the darkest depths of love, family, friendship, drug abuse, suicide, kidnapping, prostitution, pro wrestling, and above all, redemption. Almost cried while reading it, and I might cry more after publishing it, but either way it’ll be worth it..”—BRIAN ALAN ELLIS, author of Bad Poet


188 pages // Paperback


E-book available on Amazon!

Cover artwork: Andrew Sexton

Cover layout: Gail Mackenzie-Smith


JON LINDSEY lives in Los Angeles. This is his first book.



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