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ALL MUST GO: Stories by Kevin Sterne

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RELEASE DATE: August 31, 2020

Jerry writes letters to his dead mother. He battles a haunted radiator. He falls through a roof. He visits the state fair, befriends a box cutter found in the dumpster behind Applebee’s, and tries getting drunk off of his sister’s hairspray. His best friend, the “Desperate House Guy,” bounces from job to job doing you-name-it for Chicago’s wealthy while finding his way in and out of his own problems. Meanwhile, a Swiss widower mourns his wife, a famous bodybuilder, while the local dumpster diver robs a Starbucks and a boy hunts for Sasquatch. From surreal accidents to heartbreaking arguments, All Must Go—a novel in stories about the working class people of Chicago who serve the north side elite—delivers bizarre moments of pleasure, of wonder and abandon!



“If Raymond Carver and Denis Johnson co-wrote Waiting for Godot while snorting a few lines of Salvador Dali’s ashes, the result might look something like All Must Go. This collection is as sad and funny and strange and fucked up and loveable as its characters. Kevin Sterne is the real deal.”—JENNIFER WORTMAN, author of This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love.

Hans is selling his dead wife’s bodybuilding stuff. Not just the dumbbells, but also her leotards, trophies, even the newspaper of when she squatted a minivan in ’97—if you read this and want the next paragraph, that means you are like me. And if you are like me, [All Must Go] is for you. This is the familiar and beleaguered north side—not just blue hats—this is my north side, and I love it.”—ALEX HIGLEY, author of Old Open

All Must Go is like Winesburg, Ohio meets a really heavy episode of Home Improvement, which means it’s one of the best books you’re likely to ever read.”—BRIAN ALAN ELLIS, author of Bad Poet

“I was overwhelmed by the beauty and sadness and laughs and regret that filled the pages.”—KAREN KERBIS, author of La Gringa Novelera: Prosecutor by Day, Novelera by Night

“Kevin Sterne delivers the kind of Americana that invites you into a living room with matching La-Z-Boys and offers you the ashtray.”—AMANDA ROZMER, author of A Few Tall Drinks of Water


196 pages // Paperback


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KEVIN STERNE is the author of From Your Jerry (No Rest Press, 2019) and I’ve Done Worse (Long Day Press, 2017). His fiction has appeared at The Nervous Breakdown, Maudlin House, SmokeLong Quarterly, and other places. He lives in Chicago, and hosts the monthly Test Literary Series at The Whistler in Logan Square.