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A DRUNKEN HEAP OF TROUBLE EVERY WEEK: The First Three Books by Brian Alan Ellis

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Compiling two critically acclaimed novellas, 33 Fragments of Sick-Sad Living and King Shit (with illustrator Waylon Thornton), and an equally lauded short-story collection, The Mustache He’s Always Wanted but Could Never Grow, A Drunken Heap of Trouble Every Week shows you—“…with a violent, sex-crazed lowbrow majesty...”—just why Brian Alan Ellis has been called “a master of the short, sharp prose from the gutter,” with a special preface by Ben Tanzer, as well as introductions by Gabino Iglesias, Bud Smith, and Brian Alan Ellis himself!


“[Ellis’s] flawed characters have secrets and fantasies, reckless hearts, and sharp tongues...”

ROBERT VAUGHAN, author of Funhouse

“[Ellis] knows our darkest, dirtiest thoughts.”

The Next Best Book Blog

“The beauty of [Ellis’s] work is that it possesses an economy of language that allows him to deliver satisfying narratives in very few words. [He] invites readers to take an honest look at the diversity of humanity and its wide range of imperfections.”

Electric Literature

“[Ellis’s work] speaks to a people that normally get so little attention: the blue-collar, under-employed denizens who haunt grim, dead-end neighborhoods, bars, and couches, as they try to figure out how to get laid, fix their fucked-up relationships, find work, or care for their damaged family members, all of whom exist in some near-dank netherworld that so many of us scurry by on the way to somewhere else.”

BEN TANZER, author of Be Cool

“[Ellis] writes like he’s whipping nunchucks at precisely the right keys.”

BUD SMITH, author of WORK

“Hilarious and anguished, [Ellis’s work] slashes beautifully through the surface layers of humanity...”

MEG TUITE, author of Lined Up Like Scars

“[Ellis] takes an honest look at the things crawling around in humanity’s bottom rung and exposing them to us with unflinching honesty and a healthy dose of humor.”


“[Ellis] writes some badass stuff—filled with the kinds of characters who will make your skin crawl, keep you tight in your seat turning pages, and inevitably beg your empathy.”

TROY JAMES WEAVER, author of Marigold

“[Ellis’s writing is] a spirited kick in the balls to a schizoaffective culture that both fosters and combats loneliness at the same time.”

Dead End Follies


240 pages // Paperback

Cover image: Michael Seymour Blake

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